District Six DF and BP Public Consultation

The public exhibition which was held at Trafalgar High School is now finished. All the material which formed part of the exhibition is available on this website. THE DEADLINE FOR COMMENT HAS BEEN EXTENDED FROM 27 JANUARY 2012 TO 20 FEBRUARY 2012

The Draft District Six Development Framework (DF) is complete and currently available for comment as part of the planning process. The intention is to get feedback from the claimants, key stakeholders and general public so that the plan can be amended and then adopted by the City of Cape Town as the Local Planning Policy for District Six. As the exhibition is now finished we invite you to visit the website and provide your input using the contact details provided.

Due to the overwealming interest from the general public and claimants the dealine for comment on the DF has been extended until 20 February 2012. Please use the contact details provided on the "contacts" page of this website to submit you comment. A comment sheet has been uploaded on the "documents" for your convenience.

The Draft Business Plan will be workshoped with claimants in the week of 12th of December 2011 and in January 2012. Invites will be sent out to claimants to participate in Focus Group sessions that will deliberate the content of the BP.


17 Claimants discuss proposals with Minister Gugile Nkwinti

If you would like to see the boards which were on display Click here.